Bit of a romantic bent but it’s a holiday – why not a fanciful interpretation? Could this be Pete Doherty’s ultimate sacrifice? Knowing that he will never be clean, knowing that he is indeed a junkie for life, knowing that she’d stay with him through drugs but not through infidelity, did Pete cheat to free Kate?

Probably not. But one can dream.

In actual fact, Pete probably cheated because he’s too f*cked up to keep his sh-t straight, never mind his lovers. Which is why UK rags are alleging that after a huge row with Kate last week, he avoided her phone calls and instead stepped out with some model at a club on Thursday, kissing and cuddling her openly before heading for privacy at a friend’s place.

Kate is said to be heartbroken and took off immediately for Paris with her young daughter to enjoy a few fashion shows and begin living without him.


Doubtful. Not to sound morbid but you get the sense… the only possible ending with these two is a much more fatal one.