Can"t believe am about to say this but...

Excerpts from Pete Doherty"s drug induced rambling diary have been published - the key parts focused on by the UK tabs are obviously the Kate bits. About marrying her this summer as soon as he"s kicked the smack. Not likely.

He writes of their legendary arguments, of her disappointment every time he uses, of the war raging within him between the beast of addiction and his deep love/obsession for his lady.

It"s easy to forget about his talent behind the scabs. It"s hard to remember his gift with the open sores on his face staring you down. But once upon a time, The Libertines were at the forefront of the scene not based on empty hype but on legitimate quality material and potential brought down eventually by Pete"s inability to say no to the dangerously seducing sweetness of a needle.

But there are glimpses of it in his journal. No it"s not Marlowe but there is a way in which he turns a phrase, in which he describes his agony, the almost flippant way he details yet another setback - I find it captivating. And insightful. And intriguing.

A few examples:
"…smack and needle-free we shall marry in the summer and I become 10 times happier than any given smackhead. Huzzah!"

"For single mothers everywhere in love with crackheads, you are a shining light of hope!” Snort.

"Kate and I f and fighting all the way on the Eurostar until finally blood runs down my palm and up my head, and before I leg it to oblivion leaving her at the station calling me a this, that and the other and a so-and-so (accompanied by hand gestures)..."

"My dear sweet love would appear to be in somewhat of a rage perhaps due to my being decamped to the potting shed.” Apparently he decided to sleep in the outhouse one night.

"I have been informed that my behaviour reached an all-time low during the recent visit to Thailand…(together we are) an unbearable and intolerable disaster".

"I have been banging up I confess, and yet my use is extremely moderate and controlled. What am I saying? Kate will not tolerate this sh-t, I wouldn"t blame her, and alongside the fixing neither of us seem to completely trust each other although I love her and no other and the tiffs and tumults come between magical happy times. The most cherished times are spent in her arms."

Note that all of it is in reference to her but would be sooo much more interested to read his musings on other subjects.

And it"s the first time I"ve understood microscopically... just a little... why he has inspired in her such reckless devotion.

She on the other hand, for all the originality she conveys in her style, is ironically an uninspired twat up in the head as illustrated by the following entry she contributed to his pages:

"You have touched my heart and soul... You make me high, my sweet, my skin shivers and longs to be held by you."

I mean really. Who but The Hoff and Celine Dion could go there??? And especially Kate Moss. Kate the ultra cool. Kate the mysterious. Kate Moss talks of touching skin and aching souls?