How do you get over the love of your life in five minutes? Apparently it’s possible. Because both Kate Moss and Pete Doherty have managed to fill the crack void in their lives with new crack partners.

Kate of course is now with another ugly rock dude and Pete has hooked up with her former BFF Irina – a model from Montreal who was also handpicked by Kate herself and featured in her Topshop campaign.

Here they are showcasing their love the other day…almost as if for a photo shoot. Smutty sense is tingling. And this may be a very deluded, very off base theory but it smells like a decoy. A decoy to throw the scent off the original Crack Love…Kate and Pete… Crack Love forever.

Note that Pete claims he is clean. How long he stays that way remains to be seen. He has however put on a few pounds – food is a worthy replacement for heroin indeed.

Still… even with the added weight, the man will always be revolting. I imagine he must smell like sweat, piss, and tuna.

PS. LOVE what she"s wearing. Sigh. Am too short. Am also not skinny.