Kate Moss is still miraculously detoxing from Pete Doherty – it’s been weeks since she threw him out and, incredibly, she hasn’t taken him back…yet.

For the time being however Pete doesn’t seem to mind. Because apparently he’s found someone else to lick his scabs. Her name is Irina Lazareanu. She is a Canadian model, one of the hottest if not the hottest on the circuit right now and ironically, the model specifically chosen by Kate Moss to show in her catalogue for her Topshop line.

Irina and Pete have known each other for years, dated before Pete met Kate. The rags say they were holed up in a hotel room for hours this weekend before his performance at V Festival although it is not known whether or not they were still together when he was arrested this morning on – what else! – drug charges. Earlier this month a judge gave Pete one last chance to get clean, opting to let him try out rehab – again! – before sending him to prison. At press time, Pete is still in police custody.

Many are predicting Pete will finally go behind bars this time, which is crazy to me. How in ass has he stayed out so long???