People love throwing money away. It’s the only explanation.

This is Pete Doherty today in London at a photo call to promote his own line of jewellery. Yes. Him. Jewellery. The collection is called Albion Trinketry. He collaborated with jeweller Hannah Martin. The inspiration was old time men and pocket watches and their Sunday best.

Apparently this is Pete’s best. A bloated belly, barely showered, but at least the sweater is clean. Ish.

It’s an improvement, I guess, on what he used to look like, especially during the days of Kate Moss. This of course gave me an excuse to look through old photos of the two of them together, strung out on love and other drugs, probably every drug. I remember thinking to myself, and still do now, how it was possible – to kiss him, hug him, f-ck him. I imagined it was like sucking on a wart or an open sore. And when I start like that, I can’t stop. I keep thinking of new ways to gross myself out. Would I rather suck on Pete Doherty’s wart? Or eat my own toe jam?

Nasty sh-t aside however, while we’re on a gossip nostalgia trip, I was obsessed with this video. Have you seen it? They’re totally f-cked, obviously. And she’s flouncing around her house in what’s probably the most expensive couture night gown ever. And swinging around in her attic. In her expensive house. And he’s out of his mind. And her voice... she used to talk to Johnny Depp in that voice.

I don’t know, I couldn’t get enough of it.

{Video no longer available}