Am having a hard time with this one…help me decide.

So Pete Wentz was on Howard Stern today and he totally gav’er with the personal details re: his sex life with Ashlee Simpson.

On the one hand – if you commit to doing Howard Stern (I have a thing for Howard Stern) you have you be prepared to go there. You can’t pussy out. You gotta take and give back what Howard gives out. So Pete did. I admire that. He brought his game. And he did not hold back. He talked about sex with his wife. He talked about their first time:

“It was the single best sexual encounter I have ever had. It was at the Soho Grand Hotel and I'm looking in the mirrors, (like) 'Oh my God, you are (having sex with) the girl of your dreams, and you can watch yourself!”

Pete then elaborated…

"We have an amazing sex life. We have such sexual chemistry. If we had been on this show last year, we'd probably be doing it in the green room right now.”

As for their bedroom activities right now that the baby has arrived:

"Hopefully, the kid doesn't change it. (We don’t have sex right now because) the kid's [a few] weeks old but we do other fun stuff."

Great! Good to know!

Is this wrong? Disrespectful? Not sure…

She’s his wife. He’s gushing about how wonderful it is to make love to his wife. They’re two consenting adults. Sex is not a bad thing, sex is not a dirty thing, sex is not a shameful thing…

So what’s the problem?

Or is it the overshare?

Like I said, I can’t decide. You decide.

No doubt the word “inappropriate” will be tossed around. In some circles, it is indeed inappropriate. Like maybe not Good Morning America. But on Howard Stern… is it inappropriate?

Or is it more inappropriate to ridicule a dude’s name? Rod Blagojevich. Almost every news agency has f-cked up his name. Ridicule him for being a criminal…but not being able to pronounce his name when it’s your job to pronounce his name is just ignorant, isn’t it? And inappropriate.

So what’s more inappropriate? A proper journalist giggling about the difficulty of pronouncing a non-traditional Westernised name? Or a rapturous young man in love and in lust with his wife and talking about it?

Seriously… I can’t get off the fence.

Use the poll.

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