Don"t you think that Michelle Williams looks a bit on the anorexic side in those photos from the BAFTAs??? or has Hollywood"s standards started to rub off on you...Look at her arms in those photos, not to mention her chest. Dear Erin, I agree that she"s lost her baby weight relatively quickly. But I"m not ashamed to tell you that I was a Dawson"s Creek fan to the very end. And on that show, she was always a slight-figured girl. You may not have noticed because of her round face but her arms and legs were even scrawnier than Katie"s. At only 25, it"s not surprising that her adult face is only now starting to emerge after shedding the adolescent chubb and although you may hate them, there are women who can bounce back in no time after birthing a kid. I know them. I have seen them. And if I wasn"t friends with them, I would vilify them incessantly on my site. So in terms of Michelle Williams - let"s hold out on eating disorder accusations for another couple of months, when we can catch her wearing something other than a ball gown without the benefit of a very good girdle. Sound like a plan?