Pharrell, you beautiful creature, you. You are the embodiment of exactly what it’s supposed to be to be a celebrity. You show up to places, and you are pleased as hell with your accomplished-yet-relaxed-appearing life, and you wear still more compelling-yet-not-serious stuff, and you’re also – almost incidentally – phenomenally successful. You are doing it right, and I am thoroughly impressed.

So could you explain to some of the others how to get this done? We’ve been talking about how muted it was this weekend. Some weariness or wariness about the weather, or the fact that the close races made everyone uncomfortable, or the fact that Pharrell just sucked all the awesome out of the room? Not sure. But there wasn’t as much boisterousness as there usually is. Pharrell, on the other hand, made up for everyone.

Let’s just assess. Dude:

-       wore shorts and brogues on the carpet
-       Looked charming with his stunning wife.
-       Brought back the hat without seeming like a tool
-       Oh, performed his Oscar-nominated song and had the hottest names in the room competing to dance with him
-       Was astute enough in comedy to know Ellen might have trouble sticking the landing of the joke, and gave her some concerned but not unkind side-eye.

So basically, he’s doing it right and looks like he’s having a ball, and everyone else is falling short of the bar he set. Is 2014 the year of Pharrell?