To a lot of people, Sarah Jessica Parker is their fashion icon. I get it. It’s a title she maybe even deserves but to these people, SJP can do no wrong. She can show up at the MET Gala looking like a pirate from an elementary school production of The Pirates of Penzance or wear a tutu on her face and everyone would still be like “OMG Carrie looks Ah-Maze, amirite?” OK, sometimes, SJP does kill it but sometimes, y’all are just feeling her because she’s SJP. This is how I feel about Pharrell. He can do no wrong.

Last night, Pharrell walked the red carpet in Chanel. The outfit is weird. The beanie is unnecessary. Whatever. It’s Pharrell. The man had to build up the strength to stay classy in this moment…

… so again, he can do no wrong. The fact that Pharrell didn’t just walk away from Barbara Bush in that moment means he is a saint who should be hailed as such. Also, before you start e-mailing me, I know that’s Jenna Bush but I DO NOT CARE.

Back to Pharrell’s look. The jacket is gorgeous. I’m feeling the tie. The cross body sash necklace armour whatever is confusing and amazing. The only thing throwing me off is the beanie but THE MAN HAD TO PUT UP WITH BARBARA JENNA BUSH SO HE CAN WEAR A DAMN BEANIE IF HE PLEASES.

Pharrell’s date is Mimi Valdes, a creative director and producer who worked with him on Hidden FIGURES