We met it in brown at the Grammys. Then we found out it comes in grey – click here for a refresher – and now, as seen in Paris yesterday, we now know that it also comes in green.

Not sure green is the best colour for it.

We Chinese believe that a green hat is a sign of being cuckolded.

But I’m still asking the question – what about gold? For the Oscars? Or will it be retired by then? Is it played out yet?

I don’t know. When you’re on a streak like this, you ride it all the way to the top of the mountain. And right now, the mountain is the Oscars, where Pharrell, who has another hit song that’s currently getting a LOT of play, is up against Bono and U2’s Ordinary Love. We did a prediction segment on etalk yesterday and my prediction for the Best Song category is Bono. Because I can’t imagine that the Academy voters will be able to resist looking at that ballot and not checking off his name. Could you? Also, members of the Mandela family will be attending.

Could the golden hat take down all that?

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