Ok but how f-cking cute were Beyonce and Jay-Z last night at the BET Awards? (I actually watched a 2 minute news reel today narrated by a British newscaster who called it the “bet”, as in rhymes with “met”, awards. Jesus!)  B and J went head to head in the Video Of The Year category and Jamie Foxx alluded to it getting a little testy up in the private jet. Look at Beysus smiling and laughing and the way she and Jay are play-boxing after he’s announced as the winner. Come on. It’s adorable.

But you know what’s even better? Kanye hugs Beyonce before walking up on stage to collect his award. Watch what Jay-Z does to Kanye’s girlfriend. Start at 1:00 -

Cold! And she knew it too. You see how awkward she was?

Let’s play Photo Assumption with the pictures of all of them in the front row. My favourite is the one of Kanye West’s girlfriend looking longingly over at B while B has her head turned. And when B bothers to glance over in that direction, her expression is amazing, almost as if she keeps hoping Kanye West’s gf will disappear.

Note too B’s body language as she leans in for an obligatory greeting - no one’s under any illusion here about exactly what this is. It is to be tolerated, sure, but Photo Assumption says it’s not been accepted.