Bradley Cooper is shooting a movie in New Orleans. Suki Waterhouse is there with him. She went shopping yesterday and also visited him on set where they were photographed having a conversation. That’s the most neutral way to describe it. And, probably, the most accurate.

But let’s play our favourite game anyway: Photo Assumption, drawing unreliable conclusions based simply on how people look in pictures.

In these pictures, it looks like… well… a lecture.

Her body language, does it remind you of when you were a teenager? A little defiant. A little impatient. A little fidgety. Check out that shot where her arm is above her head and his hand is propped against the door. That’s the kind of body position usually accompanied by an adolescent, angsty sigh, the kind of sigh that would infuriate my parents.

What, am I boring you?
Do you just want to run off to your room and get back on the phone with your friends?

Maybe they were just talking about what to have for dinner.

There you go, STAR Magazine. For next week’s issue: Bradley and Suki’s big fight!