It’s our favourite game, making assumptions based only on a photo.

Last night the cast of The Social Network was named Best Ensemble at the Hollywood Awards. Look at them onstage. Why is Andrew Garfield way down to the side while Pippy is up front with Jesse Eisenberg eating up all the glory? Seems like Jesse wants to tell JT to Sit DOWN too.

Like I said in my review – it’s a very good movie, but all this hype, it’s a little too much. Facebook may have been transformational but the film inspired by (translation: very, very loosely based on) on Facebook is hardly a life altering event for anyone other than Justin Timberlake. For him it marks his first film association that hasn’t been a complete waste of time. Which obviously is why he’s milking this sh-t with so much want. And he wants an Oscar nomination SO BADLY.

The studio is helping with this as well. Am told that they’re pushing his name hard, making a case to the Academy that Justin’s presence will improve television ratings, attract a younger audience. I talked about this on the junket this weekend with several media veterans who watch Oscar closely. None of them think Pip’s acting is worthy of even a discussion, let alone inclusion in a conversation about Best Supporting Actors. But they also concede that he’s currently the king of the popularity contest and that as opposed to some of his competition, he’d campaign harder and more desperately than anyone else.

Anyway, after putting in the time at the Hollywood Awards, JT dashed over to join Shelfy at the Glamour Reel Moments event, making sure to play the part of proud doting boyfriend to his girl’s directorial debut. Oh that’s definitely where she’s locked him right now. Because he can’t afford to get Mayer Swifted during the season.

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