Photo Assumption: Kate & Albert

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 9, 2012 19:15:21 August 9, 2012 19:15:21

Time to play a Royal Olympic edition of Photo Assumption...

There were two royal weddings last year - one was young and exuberant, the other was, literally, weepy and depressing.

Here are Catherine of William and Albert of Monaco at synchronised swimming today. Kate, of course, would never betray all those years of royal practice and training by dry heaving in his face while he’s leaning over to, I dunno, impart his wisdom. But her smile...seems more frozen on her face than ever..

Please let him not be looking down my shirt.

Please make him stop talking soon.

Please will he lean back when I have to turn around to acknowledge him because I don’t want to smell his breath.

Do I think Kate has seen this video? Please. Of course she has. She probably watched it with Her Majesty and the corgis throwing back a shot of gin every time he looks at Charlene with irritation at her tears, or has to catch himself looking up at the sky in exasperation, or when he winks at someone off camera (my favourite).

PS. Kate was also at boxing today cheering on Nicola Adams - huzzah!

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

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