Just for fun. From the Maui Film Festival.

It’s Megan Fox with Olivia Wilde, Andrew Garfield, and Garrett Hedlund. All of them are receiving awards at the event. I’m not sure Megan’s award is acting related though...

Anyway, the way I photo assume this first image it’s like, well, the other three are tight, and then with Megan...

A little awkward? Strained conversation? Can you always tell which person isn’t part of the group?

Photo Assumption of course is only slightly more reliable than the dastardly Baby BumpWatch. Having said that, I guess the reason I jumped to that assumption is because I’m not actually sure if Megan Fox has friends, or is comfortable hanging out with her Hollywood peers. She would say though that she doesn’t fit in among her fake Hollywood peers.

Maybe it’s because I’m beginning to warm to her (thanks Michael Bay and click here if you missed my post on rethinking Megan Fox) but I actually don’t doubt that Megan Fox might be a little bit of an outcast at Hollywood High School. Or, at the very least, feels that she is. Which could explain her Pretend Face. Why she chose to give herself a Pretend Face. The Pretend Face was out in full effect yesterday as the festival opened. I’ve attached several portraits for you to analyse.

We’re coming up on her one year anniversary. Megan and BAG were married, in Hawaii actually, on June 24, 2010. He is here on this trip but so far has not attended any public engagements with her. Perhaps they’ll stay on to celebrate.

As for the others, note how their body language changes when Megan isn’t in the shot? Right? Or just me?

Photos from Michael Buckner/Michael Kovac/Gettyimages.com