Remember, it’s photo assumption – highly UNscientific conclusions based only on one photographic moment that could be interpreted a million ways.

Scarlett Johansson and Rooney Mara were together at the premiere of Her at the Rome Film Festival. Scarjo is “Her”, the voice. And she wasn’t the first “Her”. Samantha Morton originally voiced the part during filming. And they decided to replace her with Scarjo, so it’s not like Scarjo was ever on set, hanging out with Rooney and Joaquin.

What do you think? Look at Scarjo laughing. Fake laugh or real laugh? Let me know.

And head to head on fashion?

Rooney’s cape is awesome. I hate sheer overlay on the skirt below though. So on overall presentation, I give it to Scarjo. This dress seems like it was designed with her in mind. It very well could have been as it’s Dolce&Gabbana. How can you question why she’s on my Five List?