She says she is free and fabulous, embarking on a new chapter in her life, and recently went in for a little touch-me-up in the chest area. Some changes leave things super saggy and the sagging never stops. Which is why she opens up the scar between her tits once a year – a scar that is visible in person but oddly enough, never in photographs.

What she does, you see, is she barters with the paps. She wheels and deals and offers to give it up for them if they go home and click away her breast scabs. So they shake on it and she does something outrageous to guarantee they sell her pictures with what looks like baby’s skin on her chest, and everybody’s happy.

Protecting oneself against bad pictures is one thing…but what about arranging bad pictures for your enemy? There’s another celebrity who not only works with the paps to pimp out herself, she also works with them to make sure those she detests are not only photographed badly but also touched DOWN to look especially horrid. She’ll either give up exclusive tips or exclusive shots on herself in exchange for a photographic smear job on those she hates. Like doctoring images to reveal unflattering body parts, receding hairlines, pimples, and especially fat.

The paparazzi aren’t the real scum…