Always Mrs Huxtable, right? And she’s ageless. Am late this morning because I got caught up on YouTube looking at old clips. Remember the Dragon Lady? And when Peter went to the dentist? I’m telling you, after all this time, it’s still good. Maybe for different reasons, sure, but it’s still good. The Cosby Show by the way is the Squawking Chicken’s favourite show. She laughs at everything Bill Cosby does.

Anyway, this is Phylicia Rashad at the NY premiere of For Coloured Girls last night alongside fellow castmembers Janet Jackson, Thandie Newton, Kerry Washington, and director Tyler Perry. There was some early Oscar buzz for this film prior to its being screened for critics. Unfortunately the critics have pretty much taken care of that one. While some have praised the acting efforts, the film itself has been largely panned, most of the negative commentary focused on Tyler Perry’s direction. It’s not like any of his movies are ever well reviewed anyway. And yet they go on to make massive amounts of money, almost as a F-ck You to the Establishment.

I was supposed to screen For Coloured Girls today but have a conflict now with my shooting schedule. Am very disappointed. It hits theatres in November 5th. And it feels like one of those that will be deeply personal, coloured, for lack of a better word, more so than most movie-going experiences, by your own real life experiences. Hoping to see it next week. If I hate it, I hate it, but unlike other projects, with this one, a bad review has not deterred me.


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