I"m not saying it has to be Mischa & Cisco but all this gorgessity concentrated in one couple??? Doesn"t seem fair, though the grow-er vs show-er argument could be the Goddess"s way of evening things out. Have a look at Halle and Gabriel on Sunday in Malibu, gathering with other celebrities to protest a natural gas facility that they say does not meet clean air requirements and could be considered a terrorist target because the safety of our celebrities is, of course, paramount. Great to see Pierce Brosnan and Daryl Hannah and all these famous people so involved but it"s hard to be moved by the convenience of their environmental caring when a gas guzzling SUV continues to be the Hollywood vehicle of choice and please…something tells me George Clooney is in the minority of those who have modified vehicles that run on eco-friendly fuel. I spent most of the day yesterday getting the sh-t scared out of me by a new book called Heat: How to Stop the Planet from Burning by George Monbiot - the climate change crisis, human contribution to it, and of course, the consequence of inaction. Put it this way - standing on a dock a few yards away from your million dollar mansion and getting photographed in the process isn"t quite cutting it, especially when saving our planet can take a backseat to privacy. But then again, avoiding the attentions of an obsequious fan in the first class cabin on a commercial flight is definitely more important than breathing clean air, right? And they all look so pretty fighting for their rights, right? And what"s a half ass attempt compared to a hot ass publicity shot? Love, love, love. Source