You have no doubt seen this photo montage of Katie"s bump that first appeared on Pink is the New Blog, a brilliant effort worthy of a full length documentary examining every shrinking and enlarging and reshrinking move of Tom"s spawn. It"s a topic that has generated much smutty discussion: how far along is she? Is it real? Is it a prosthetic? When is she due? I myself have had several debates with many of you on when we can expect an arrival. As I reported very early on, my sources were saying mid to late March, even early April to coincide with junket activity around MI3. Those of you who disagree claim that her belly was too big to warrant such a late date. Then came the new pics that turned up last week on JustJared, a clear shot of the fleshy tummy encased in a unitard, as seemingly authentic as ever, and not quite as big as she should be according to those who thought she was 7 months 2 months ago. So what gives? As I originally maintained, you just can"t put a reliable science to this kind of thing especially with tall thin women. No joke, here are two photos of a close friend of mine, the first at 6 months. This is a woman who started showing at 10 weeks! By 4 months she had significant bumpage. By 6 months, she looked ready. And then by 8 months - take a look at her! - by 8 months it was like, OK honey, how are you going to carry that for another FIVE WEEKS??? She gave birth 21, read that again. TWENTY ONE days after this photo was taken, and even then she was 2 weeks early. The point of this personal story? You can say all you want that "I"ve had this many kids of my own and I was that big at X months and blah blah blah" but until it"s your body - you just never know. And especially because it"s HER body, you just never know even less. Your thoughts?