I love football. Clarification: I love American football. I love the simplicity in the US football philosophy: EAT MEAT, RUN HARD, CATCH BALL. It"s a lack of complication I find quite beautiful. As you know, I also love high school. Anything high school works for me. And when you combine football with high school - well, what"s not to love? I watched the premiere of Friday Night Lights last night and I was sold. It"s formulaic, it"s predictable, and so f-cking what? It was hot. Hot young players, hot little cheerleaders, hot sweat, hot tackles, and hot Dylan Young. Do you remember Dylan Young? He who became Pink Mist? He who had such hotness while talking Meredith off the ledge, away from the bomb…whatever? Dylan over Denny any day, why they had to kill him after 2 episodes while stringing that dithering romantic snore along for the length of an Italian opera is beyond me. But now Dylan is Eric, Kyle Chandler in real life, the coach of the Friday nights team, and I"m telling you…he is a total dreamboat with a really, really good "thoughtful" look - so important in this genre, don’t you think? Photo source