It’s one thing to pose in a gown like this and look fabulous. And had I only seen her in still photos, I’d be singing a different tune. But the problem here is that she had to move in it and when she moved it in, the corset became a chest plate – like literally a steel shield better suited to dodging bullets than rockin’ the Oscar red carpet. I promise you. I promise you I’m not exaggerating. We were standing right above her as the Smith Family was being interviewed by ALT and every time she shifted positions it was like a bullet proof vest was shifting with her. Not. Sweet. But the warrior mistake was eventually redeemed. The way she looked at her son, all nervous and clenched and willing him to do well when he was presenting – loved it. And I gotta tell you – despite my inner smut – what I saw between her and Will was authentic affection. Authentic passion? Not sure. But they make a great time. Seeing them in person has restored my faith just a little.