Overheard in our hotel room just before the lights came up on Pink: “I hope she’s not on silks”. This prompted a chorus of “right?” and smartasses trying to outsmart one another… but then she started to sing and it all fell away.

Why have I been looking at Pink on trapezes and silks for the last umpteen awards shows? That voice! She doesn’t need stunts and props. That was one of the most purely enjoyable vocal performances I can remember, and it felt a lot like Pink singing in her shower, and she looked fantastic in that red dress. She is at the top of her game. She doesn’t need streaks in her hair or body stockings decorated with athletic tape and yet she’s not looking for our approval, and she doesn’t have to worry that singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow will make her seem like she’s soft or something.

Pink gets the Best Red Dress Vocalist award because it was the best, but Karen O’s was pretty cute and she did a great job with that iconic song. However, there were a couple of things. First, were the shoes beside her set dressing, or did she take them off? Either way, there’s a twee factor there. And then there’s the fact that the song as a concept of how Samantha the OS was feeling just made me kind of crazoid. I don’t think Karen O is going to wake up dismayed that she lost this particular honor to Pink, but if she does, maybe there’s some comfort in knowing why?