Aside from the lame-ass expression on Lance’s face, can you honestly say that JT is head and shoulders hotter than Lance Bass? Minus the suit and the fedora and the dance moves and above all the HYPE, does Pipsqueak, on pure sex appeal alone, truly inspire the Quiver? Please. He arrived on Saturday, tried to make it super lowkey, at press time I’ve yet to see him wandering around, though he did grace everyone with his presence at the Motorola bash and decided to throw his old bandmate a bone at the same time. Word is his evening was relatively unremarkable, perhaps spent from a weekend in Vegas? More on that below. As for Lance – not surprisingly, there’s really no “official” reason for him to be here…just as it was during the Toronto International Film Festival when he and Reichen showed up and went to every premiere and every party just because. Poor thing. A millionaire by virtue of sheer dumb luck with absolutely no future fame prospects for the rest of his natural born life – a twinge for sympathy for poor Lance, won’t you? Source