He doesn’t quiver my loins but I’ve no doubt Pipsqueak puts on a great show. Tour kicked off yesterday, a showcase of JT’s impressive talents, earning his hype as one of the most talented musicians on the scene. Perhaps it was the pending tour that led to the demise of Cam Love. Perhaps it was the desire to live the rock’n’roll life for a change, to tap some much needed “boyband” ass (Old School anyone?), to resume what he started a few years ago, just prior to his Cam hookup, it was rumoured that post-Britney Justin was on non-stop p*ssy patrol, supposedly leaving a long trail of groupie cooch in his wake after a trip to Whistler way back when. Single Pip might not be a bad Pip, actually. In fact, as long as Pip leaves Scarlett alone, Single Pip is actually the Next Best Pip…the Best Pip of course being BritPip. And don’t lie. EVERYONE would love a new BritPip. Source