It's Pippa. Obviously. Since the Wedding she's had her share of magazine covers, including the current cover of People Magazine. Pippa is presently on holiday in Spain with some friends and is keeping the English press busy, wondering whether or not she'll soon announce her engagement to boyfriend Alex Loudon, or hold off now that she's so popular, see what she can leverage from the current spotlight.


The Middletons aren't about that!

Oh please.

Kate loves Will. But it doesn't mean she didn't want The Life. It doesn't mean her family didn't want the Entry.

So Pippa's been hanging out with an old boyfriend George Percy. He met up with her in Madrid, rowed her boat, which I'm sure is a euphemism for something somewhere and Dylan must know but he's napping right now, and took her for beers. She looks like she's having a great time. By the way, George, with the crisp, proper, classic English name, is the son of the Duke of Northumberland, apparently one of the wealthiest men in the kingdom. Oh really?

But is he a hot ginge on a horse who's third in line to the throne?

Sadly I don't think that fantasy is going to happen. Or, if it does happen, I think it means we have to sacrifice something else to balance it out. Gossip is life! It's give and take. So if Pippa and Harry bless us and ever do get together, we might have to give something back: like Johnny and Vanessa, or the Brange, or Iker and Sara, or whatever happens to be your gossip favourite.

Is it worth it? Is Pippa + Harry worth it?

What is it worth to you? What would you be prepared to lose?

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