Pippa Middleton is getting married soon. And there’s been all kinds of talk about whether or not Prince Harry will take Meghan Markle and if Pippa’s pissed because she doesn’t want Meghan stealing her shine. Which is rich. Because Pippa’s ass was the shine at her sister’s wedding. It’s an interesting bigger discussion though about wedding etiquette. Like if the invitation is addressed to you, just you, you’re on your own, you don’t get to bring a guest. And if the invitation says “and guest”, well, does the host get to dictate which guest you bring?

Some people say it depends on how well the host knows the guest. Like if you just met someone last week on Tinder and you take them to a wedding, is that offside since you’re basically bringing a stranger to your friend/family wedding? I have another friend who’s all like, “Do you know how much I gift at weddings? My envelope is FULL. So why can’t I bring whoever I want to if I’m going to have a good time with them?”

Weddings are SO much drama, non?

Harry, as you know, has already taken Meghan to a wedding. It was last week, in Jamaica, his good friend Tom Inskip. And as I reported at the time, even though some people were Photo Assuming that Harry and Meghan “seemed” unhappy and predicting they would break up soon, I told you there were photos taken of Harry and Meghan that would shut down that kind of speculation immediately. One set of shots showed Harry and Meghan on a balcony, kissing passionately and another set showed them in the water, on the beach, not quite as sensational, but definitely still close. Harry, as I mentioned, was pretty irritated about the paps being there and Kensington Palace made it clear that they would not be happy if the pictures were published. That’s why the British papers stayed away. I heard yesterday that an American entertainment show was very interested and ended up backing off after getting a warning from KP. So it was always going to be an outlet that doesn’t give a sh-t about the royals being mad at them. And even they seem to be staying away from the balcony shots (for now). But not the beach ones! This is for those of you who didn’t believe these pictures existed.

Here's Prince Harry in London today at a a medal presentation for The Royal Gurkha Rifles and Meghan Markle heading home from a yoga class in Toronto a few days ago.