Big headlines this week about Pippa Middleton and her singleness. They said her (ex) boyfriend Alex Loudon isn’t happening anymore. And why not? After the Wedding, she became an Industry in her own right. Pippa is an Economy now. Single Pippa and all the intrigue is much more lucrative than a Pippa who may or not have been engaged to a nice, well to do English boy with no ties to the Queen.

I’ve no doubt that the Middletons have a strategy for Pippa. And that she has one for herself. It doesn’t seem like she minds the attention so much. Yesterday during the liveblog, I posited that the Middletons may not be unlike a modern iteration of the Boleyns, though much more civilised with the times, naturally. Pippa’s value has never been higher. And it may still go up. Why be tied down when there are so many options?

So... the break up is for real then?


I’m told that Pippa and Alex seemed very much together at a wedding they attended on June 4th. He was in the wedding party. The reception took place at Kew Gardens. Earlier that day she participated in a triathlon, ran 5k. She arrived at the venue just before 5pm. Alex was quite attentive, insisting she get special treatment. Like a golf cart to tour her around the grounds which is how the bride and groom were transported. They stayed late. And a source saw them sneak into the bushes.

Maybe that’s when they decided to split?

In the bush?

I haven’t been single in a long time. Is that how you do these days?

Pippa, smartly, isn’t saying much. Just smiling, like totally hating the nuisance of everyone talking about her and speculating about her and obsessing over her. Oh is that what this is? Is that what you’re playing?

PS. Everyone keeps wishing for Pippa and Hot Harry on a Horse...

Don’t kill me but....what would you think of....

Hot Harry on a Horse and Blake Lively? I mean, of all the Hollywood starlets, she’d be the CLOSEST to the type, non? It’s really too bad about those nude shots.

This deserves its own article, I think. Coming up.

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