Brad completed jury duty in Cali last week and then quickly flew back to Chicago to rejoin his family and his Angelina who picked him up at the airport. Apparently Brad rushed into the car and was all over her immediately.

On Saturday it was family day at the Field Museum – all four children joining their parents. Remember when little Henry met big Henry for the first time at the Field Museum in The Time Traveller’s Wife? Am curious to see how they play that scene in the movie. But sorry, I digress.

About the Family Pitt: check out sassy Miss Zahara and the adorably chunky Chosen One carried by dad and mum respectively as Maddox and Pax tag along on foot. Apparently the hotness then went out for dinner alone that night. No word on whether or not Angie actually ate but given that the Chosen One is growing quickly, mama undeniably needs some more sustenance to keep up.

Then Sunday, Angelina and Maddox went to Borders. Looks like someone got a fresh new haircut and even a fun fake tat on his right arm. You will also note that bodyguard is kinda hot, in that Clive Owen/Daniel Craig ugly sexy kinda hot way. Which is why I’m told that’s the next tall tabloid tale expected to be sold at the newsstand: word is Star and Life & Style will be conjuring up some new story about Angelina seducing her security while Brad changes diapers and mixes formula, as the MiniVan Majority huffs and puffs indignantly. Only for the gossip amateur.

Thanks Karen!

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