Bennett Miller directed Sienna Miller in Foxcatcher. She told VOGUE last year that she “credits Bennett Miller with giving her career an important push. ‘He opened the door to a world of filmmakers I didn’t have access to before,’ Miller says. “Directors speak to each other. . . Everybody calls the last director you worked with, so it being Bennett Miller was a hugely beneficial thing.”

Are they together now? Like more than just a working relationship? 

Bennett dated Ashley Olsen a couple of years ago. He’s been at Wimbledon, with Sienna, all week. Here they are yesterday for the men’s final. Let’s play Photo Assumption, our favourite game of baseless conclusions, with these pictures.

I mean… they *could* be friends, I guess. She’s quite tactile with her friends that way. But this shot in particular feels a lot more intimate:

There’s a familiarity to that gesture, the way she’s leaning on him. And doesn’t it totally look like they’re holding hands? For some reason, no other major outlets have picked up on this yet. What am I missing? Are you seeing the same thing?