Atonement is a beautiful film. I loved every minute. Especially since it could have been a disaster given all the pressure of adapting it from such a brilliant book. Thankfully the movie is outstanding – wonderful cinematography, wonderful performances. Another winner from Keira Knightley who has managed to tame her pout and answer the call as one of the most talented actresses of her generation.

But too bad she’s stuck in a textbook early 20s rut – morose, depressed, and immaturely bemoaning her luck in life.

It’s the kind of ingratitude that grates on your last nerve. It’s the kind of a bad attitude you hope she’ll outgrow sooner rather than later.

Keira you see is an “artist”. She doesn’t do it for fame. She doesn’t want to be judged by her looks. She doesn’t want to discuss her beauty. She doesn’t want to talk about her weight.

And still…she keeps mentioning these delicate issues over and over and over again as if you to remind us: she is an “artist”, you hear? She wants to talk about her art.

Now the brutal British press is taking her task, calling her the female equivalent of the surly, sucky Hugh Grant.

On her red carpet appearances:
"I hate red carpet events. I absolutely hate them. I hate the fact that people write "Oh, you look like c**p or "I don"t like your arms"."

On fans and fame:

"It is constant and I can spot them a mile away. It made me frightened of cameras and people". She adds: "Part of taking the power back is actually saying "no"."

On acting:
"You have this feeling that everyone wants a bit of you. It does feel like that. Any sane person knows this is not nice. It"s a pretty horrific profession really".

On being photographed:

“(Every photo) takes away a bit of your soul. (I wish I was) just an insignificant speck".

So let’s recap, shall we? This is a girl who promoted Atonement in a series of wicked wicked gowns ranging from Rodarte to Chanel to Marc Jacobs, all flaunting her super slender frame, all designed to showcase her as the star of the night. Honey, if it’s just acting you’re after, why not pull an LBD every time and forget about twirling?

Don’t forget, Keira is also the face of Chanel and Asprey, endorsement contracts based ENTIRELY on her looks. For someone who doesn’t want to be judged by them, she certainly has no problem trading on them.

And here is Keira’s cover and magazine shots for this month’s Allure – gorgeous photos in a FASHION MAGAZINE. What’s the point of a fashion magazine if not to critique the fashion and the images on its pages???

This is a girl who makes million per picture. Who is permitted a luxurious, relaxing lifestyle when she’s not working. Who works steady for 3 months straight and then has the freedom to holiday wherever she wants, to read book after book, to watch dvds until late without having to get up early, without having to report to the office, without having to worry about the mortgage and the children and the pension…which is what “insignificant” people like you and I lose sleep over every night.

Apparently life is so unkind to Keira Knightey.

Bitch… please!!!

There is flipside to the famewhores like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. There is certainly an alternative to those who court the attention, who deal with the tabs, who have the paps on speed dial. I’m not saying Keira has to swerve to that side of the spectrum, but there is something to be acknowledged in the examples of Matt Damon and George Clooney – indisputable movie stars who deal with it every day, who understand it’s part of the game, part of the life they’ve chosen, a pill that is, for the most part, a rare delicious treat made available to the privileged few and at the end of the day, not that hard to swallow.

She is young. Hopefully she will learn. Because right now, Keira Knightley is insufferable.

Attached – Keira on the set of her latest period pic called The Duchess.