Portia and Ellen OUT with kids

Dean Posted by Dean at April 12, 2013 19:01:33 April 12, 2013 19:01:33

There is a feeling among us of wanting to have children together, right? They seem lovely and genuinely in love with each other so it’s easy to project our own baby desires (or mine, anyway) onto them. Also their wedding was flawless so imagine what they could do with a kid’s birthday party? Still, no babies for Hollywood’s #1 power lesbians, not now, not ever.

They’ve both talked about the issue before and now Portia is confirming they’re going to continue living baby-free in the new issue of OUT. It’s pretty cool of them to be so open about a rather personal decision, one that lots of people must struggle with. Portia admits to second guessing herself but says in the end simply “you have to really want kids and neither of us did.”

Here’s my question - is not having children something that people are judged for, still? I guess it must be on some level, since this news is blowing up. What’s at the heart of that though? Do we think they’re selfish for not sharing their lives (and LBR dat $$$!) with a baby? Or is it still hard for us to imagine a completely satisfied life that doesn’t include raising the next generation? Seems like if we should be judging anyone’s procreation choices, it’s the 10-kids-and-counting Duggars of the world, which just feels wasteful, if you ask me (not that I know anything about having children). 

The obviously way more important thing that Portia actually is giving birth to though is more Arrested Development! She paints a really attractive picture of making a TV series for Netflix, saying “we didn't really feel the presence of a studio or a network. It felt like an independent feature, very creative and loose." Sounds great. I, for one, can’t wait to see to see how Lindsay Bluth is handling 2013. She’s for sure trying to become internet famous, right?

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