Newly arrived in France...Little Sci"s mother is hangin" with my Posh, doing a little shopping, a few days of bliss during fashion week - and perhaps to pick up her wedding dress? The buzz is that it"s a quick trip, that she"s arrived for a final fitting at one of the major couture houses and will be flying back with the gown. A more convenient option because she keeps slimming down, or bumping up, depending on the girdle. Just a rumour right now, you take it with a hefty homoerotic grain of salt, but what"s really interesting is that no one can ever catch her on the move when it really counts, which is why at press time, there is no solid evidence as to whether or not Suri is with her. Amazing how Scientologists can just teleport at will, non? Anyway...worthy of note - Katie is a TALL. I know they"re both wearing heels but still, she"s dwarfing Victoria. Hee. I swear, that just came out. And - though this is sure to elicit much hate - I don"t think she has cute calves. I do think however that she"s dressing and acting more and more like a socialite, more "Lady What Lunch" (NOT a typo), than promising actress with a really cute nose...interestingly enough, like Nicole 10 years ago. Photo Source