Newly married and pregnant Drew Barrymore, ankle boots over jeans, attended the premiere of Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World last night in LA where she hung out with Diablo Cody because, obviously. Have they worked together yet? It seems like that would be inevitable.

As for Drew’s other best friend Cameron Diaz, she was also spotted yesterday in ankle boots and jeans, but in New York. Cam’s love life has been quiet the last few months; her last romantic connection was with P Diddy. Disgusting. Fortunately it’s been months since there’s been any sign that the two of them are still doing it, and besides, he seems to have renewed his interest in Cassie. At least that’s what it looked like Cannes. Good. Cam needs to break her streak of dickheads.

My suggestions: Alexander Skarsgard, Idris Elba. Actually no. Elba is so hot he would be kind and it would still f-ck her up for years. Russell Brand?