Just a taste of what it’s like: Dylan and I were at the satellite truck the other day feeding our footage back to Toronto. Some fashion photographer comes by with this girl – of course she’s a model - he’s taking high quality magazine shots of her at the festival at the most random places. So he asks if he can use the truck as a location… all of a sudden, every dude within a 10 mile radius suddenly shows up, needing something at this particular feed station.

And they start taking pictures of her with their digital cameras, all of them whipping out their cameras, without asking… and she was totally unfazed!!! Can you imagine???

But this is Cannes. This is not extraordinary. These girls, these achingly beautiful girls just walking around getting their picture taken all the time. Surreal.

So anyway, naturally, Dylan had to get in there too. He was the youngest of the lot, the other men being well into their 40s and kinda creepy about it, skulking around snapping shots of an 18 year old. She needed a ciggie and Dylan jumped right in… check out the way he’s ogling her – kills me. Needless to say, I had to capture the moment.

Funny story – the night before, she went to the Chopard party, got access inside and at one point stood next to Elizabeth Hurley. I saw a copy of the image on the photographer’s laptop. Liz was NOT impressed. Standing beside a nubile blonde goddess, she looked very, very mortal. And you bet your boob job she knew it. Hee.

PS. Dylan does not like his jawline in the close up. It is critical that you understand that he really isn’t all that bloated in person.