It’s an annual tradition on this site. Later this month, People Magazine will name its Sexiest Man Alive and this is the 5th year of the exercise – handicapping the candidates that could capture the crown. My batting average is hovering around .400 but this might be the trickiest yet.

An analysis of the potentials is to follow and, as always, can’t wait to read your remarks. But remember, this is not about who you WANT to be the Sexiest Man Alive. It’s about who you PREDICT will be the Sexiest Man Alive. Of course Johnny should each and every time. But Johnny doesn’t want it each and every time. Besides, this time he has nothing to sell. More often than not, there’s a sale involved in the selection process. Which probably rules out JD for 2009. His profile is much too low right now.

This year is particularly difficult. There’s a sure bet and there’s my bet.

Here we go.

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Have I forgotten someone? Write me, let me know.