A live Angelina Jolie experience is like no other. Not only because she herself is such a force but also because of what happens to the people who happen to be moved by her force. We sat there in the Kung Fu Panda presser laughing our asses off at grown men launching themselves into peril for a glimpse of the Jolie. And they weren’t paparazzi! They shouted at full blast – Angelina… I love you! And at the mention of her name, several female journalists squealed too. So loudly we were embarrassed for them.

Then again… who are we to talk? We were f&cking sitting there right along with them.

Having said that, some of the questions from the reporters were hilarious. One dude stood up and asked her “Angie… how are you feeling?”

This is when we just about lost it. Like the sh*t disturbers at the back of the class who can’t stop laughing.

But first, about Kung Fu Panda. I LOVED Kung Fu Panda. Kung Fu Panda is a deferential homage to Chinese culture and to kung fu movies while delivering a sweet summer message to the kids: be true to yourselves.

The animation, as you would expect from a Katzenberg project, is outstanding. And it’s funny. And Jack Black kicks ass. And Dustin Hoffman kicks even more ass.

All three actors present at the press conference were extremely proud to be involved in the picture. It was evident right from the get at the photo call. Hoffman hammed it up for the cameras, he hugged photographers, he was beaming from ear to ear. And while Jack Black was posing predictably goofily, Dustin and Angelina giggled together from just off the deck. In fact, she giggled a lot today…in an Angelina Jolie kind of way. When she giggles she still doesn’t seem girly. Even when she giggles she still has that sex appeal.

It’s not like I’ve never seen her before. It’s not like every time you’re about to see Angelina Jolie you aren’t expecting her to shock you with how beautiful she is. Only the last two times I saw Angelina Jolie was super, super thin. And while she is always the standard in terms of beauty, on those occasions there was no dewiness about her skin the way there was today. Angelina Jolie when she’s not pregnant is not a “rosy” kind of woman.

Today though… today she was rosy. Today she had a shine to her face. Literally a shine. Which is remarkable because in times past, she was more of a “matte” girl, you know? But not when she’s pregnant.

When she’s pregnant it’s like there’s a fine mist all over her skin. She is stunning. Like… ridiculously gorgeous. Like she sucks all the gorgessity out of everyone else in the room and eats it all up for herself. That room was atwitter even before she arrived. When she walked in, they just about erupted. Two dozen journalists – not even Brangelunatics!!! – rushed the podium with their cameras and their camera phones to the point where the moderator had to settle them after a while and like a teacher order them back to their chairs.

There were six people on that panel but they only cared about her. And indeed there were a few intrepid reporters who asked what you want to know. About Brad and about the babies. More on that later.

For now… have a look at the beauty. These photos don’t do her justice. Am sorry for the full on gush but like I said, she is unbelievably good looking. And she looked adorable today in her little maternity dress with nude CLs. There was ever so slight of a waddle as she was walking back across the bridge when the presser was over. A rare occasion to describe Angelina Jolie as “cute”. Must be even cuter when you’re Brad Pitt.

Photos from Wenn.com