Beyonce went out today. Little Rider is still inside of her. So maybe tonight, but definitely not today.

Last week, some idiot released an idiot rumour that she’d given birth and called the baby Tiana. It lit up Twitter, made every headline on every site, spiked traffic everywhere...and for nothing. B came out to stomp that sh-t down this afternoon. Did the earth move, was New York plated in gold, was every angel summoned from heaven to serenade the Heir out of her canal? Please. If the answer is no then the Throne has not yet crowned.

As I said earlier this week, for what it’s worth, I heard it was Lenox Hill Hospital, and yes, majorly tricked out. But she kept that secret from everyone before cockblocking everyone at the VMAs with the confirmation. There was no tabloid that broke that news before her. And you think Beyonce would let some random Twitter rumour beat her to her own birth announcement?