Do you know anyone who doesn’t love Emily Blunt + John Krasinski? I bet you right now, Duana’s dropped whatever it was she was doing just to look at these pictures and think about Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. When these two started it was like we all collectively let out a:

Yessssss. TOTALLY.


Are you just trying to be a contrarian? It’s like the people who say they don’t like chocolate. F-ck off you don’t like chocolate. You’re just saying you don’t like chocolate because everyone else likes chocolate. (Unless you’re allergic to chocolate, in which case, sorry.)

Anyway, here are Emily and John out shopping in LA yesterday. I don’t give a sh-t about pregnancy and even I’m excited about their pregnancy. What kind of name do an Emily and a John give their baby? Will the baby be on the cover of a magazine? I doubt it. Will the baby be asked to start lipsynching at a young age and perform at Jimmy Kimmel’s birthday party? Probably.

Come on! They’re cute and awesome, admit it!