Totally forgot Evan Rachel Wood is pregnant. Here she is, pregnant, with husband Jamie Bell out for a walk in LA on Saturday. I only just remembered because she hasn’t been documenting her pregnancy for us via the paps the way so many of them normally do. And…that’s all I really have to say about it which would have been too short of an article so I just checked her Twitter and…

The wallpaper is Days Of Being Wild!

Today is the 10 year anniversary of Leslie Cheung leaving.

It was a sign.

There was a memorial concert in Hong Kong last night. Tony Leung spoke at the event.

The theme song from Days Of Being Wild played under his words

"What you want to remember will always be remembered. I remember you used to love the dialogue from this movie. Now that you've been gone more than 3,000 days, I finally understand the meaning behind these words. I realise the significance in preserving these moments. Even though we can no longer meet, I won't forget the friend I've made in a minute. Sometimes when I look up in the sky, I will search for a bird without legs."