Here are some new shots of Mrs Timberlake in New Orleans on the set of The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea. Accompanying these photos are two stories from E! News and US Weekly about what it’s been like to work with Mrs T on the film. Two different, unrelated outlets, and both essentially running the same story: she’s been totally low maintenance, no demands, eating healthy, nice to everyone, and everyone loves her.

Click here and here to read those reports. The E! post came first, yesterday, then the US Weekly one followed today, like insurance.

So you need to know that even though she’s pregnant, Mrs Timberlake is still a dream cast and crew member, the ultimate professional with a “very strong work ethic”. If I were pregnant, and I'm not and have never been so, go ahead, tell me I don't know what the f-ck I'm talking about, I wouldn't consider the "even though she's pregnant" a compliment. How would that affect work ethic?

If the media is characterising it this way, E! News and US Weekly, that's a gross angle to take just to give a story to some new pictures. If it's the "sources" who think this is a flattering way to present information, they need to find something else to leak. It's patronising to their client.