Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy arrived in London today with several pieces of luggage. Since her son was not photographed with him, I’m assuming he’s not there, and if he’s not there, I’m assuming she’s not staying long. If only they’d make a show about celebrity baggage, literally. Am obsessed. I want to know what they pack, and how, and what happens with wrinkled clothing, and who does it for them, and Jesus is all that really, really necessary?

Contrary to what you might assume, I’m actually a very, very efficient travel packer. Duana is the opposite. Duana needs OPTIONS. I give myself no options. There are times when I get to her place and she’ll look at my duffle bag and shake her head. Like, she cannot process going somewhere without jamming her giant green suitcase to bursting and how it’s possible that I only came with one small to medium sized piece. Me, I bring as little as I can get away with, because I am more lazy than I am vain. Dragging that sh-t from terminal to terminal is not worth it. Here at Sundance, where it’s freezing and we have to wear a coat for every shoot anyway, I’ve put on the same hoodie every day. We keep seeing these girls with a different pair of heels and ass skirts every night. Now THAT is some starf-cker determination.

Anyway, these are the first shots of Kate after Us Weekly broke the news of her pregnancy. For those of you who want to know what she’s reading – Shantaram.

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com