Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman and her husband caught in an affectionate moment the other day in Nashville. Photographers taking this picture also mentioned that she dropped in for a routine visit at the hospital. Funny how the most private moments of Gran’s life, even down to her honeymoon, seem always to be commemorated in perpetuity by the paparazzi.

Smutty speculation surrounding the legitimacy of her bump appears to be one of your favourite subjects. If you are one of those who loves the pregnancy conspiracy, here’s another fishy detail for your fraud file:

There is a local Japanese restaurant off the beaten path in Nashville and word around town is that Nicole and Keith Urban visit often. Apparently 3 times a week. She still orders sushi. As in raw fish. Like salmon and tuna and more. “Loads of it” is the way it was described.

Since my friends have all joined the yummy mummy demographic, I’m told that in some circles, sushi is considered taboo during pregnancy. And while there is certainly no slamdunk consensus about this – women in Japan seem to be managing just fine – North Americans seem to adhere and it’s yet another curious piece of information fuelling the fraudulent fires.

For more photos of Granny’s same-size bump, click here. How did she manage to control the growth of her tits? My friend Julie is just past her first trimester (second child) and when I saw her this weekend, they were so enormous my back ached for her.

Thanks Diane!!!