Katy Cambridge vs Jennifer Aniston

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Battle at the newsstand this weekend...

Baby bumps vs Wedding Slumps!

A Princess vs America’s Sweetheart!


Ignore the right half of the US Weekly cover.

Let’s start there. US Weekly has new details on the final days of Catherine of William’s pregnancy. Here are some highlights:

-She did not have a baby shower. Do royals do baby showers? Sh-t, if so, that’s kinda extra, non?
-She has a still few engagements on her schedule before shutting it down for birth including Trooping the Colour this weekend and Thomas Van Straubenzee’s wedding.
-She’s still spending time in Wales while William finishes off his air force duties. She’ll go back and forth between their Welsh home and Nottingham Cottage in London
-When the heir arrives, a bulletin will be put up at the Buckingham Palace gates reading “Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a child”. I F-CKING LOVE THIS. The language! Then some guns will go off and they’ll ring the bells. And when she leaves the hospital, the family of three will pose for pictures, like Will’s parents did.
-Will’s taking two weeks paternity leave and then Kate will split her time between their London home and her parents’ place in Berkshire.
-Christening is happening late 2013.
-Royal Baby goes on tour with the Cambridges in 2014, apparently to Australia and New Zealand! Oh the crowds...

The magazine also throws up a side by side pregnancy comparison between the Princess and Kanye West’s girlfriend and Kanye West and Prince William....


You have to check it out.

So while US is going balls out on babies, PEOPLE is countering with the MiniVan Majority’s head girl, Jennifer Aniston and how she’s put off her wedding. Apparently they were supposed to do it this spring, the rings were picked and everything, and then... pause.

One source says it’s because they’re busy working and renovations on their huge estate are taking too much time. But according to another source, even though “Jen can’t wait to be (Justin’s) wife”, there may be issues because they still “need to figure out a way to create a life that makes them both happy".

Oh really?

Could it be that Justin Theroux, with his combat boots and his motorcycle tees, is finding it hard to be a badass in Beverly Hills? I thought he was a gamer! I’m telling you -- John Stamos is the way to go with this one. John Stamos is the one she’s been waiting for.

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