The Grand Highness of Serenity Charlene of Monaco is pregnant. Click here and here for previous posts about the news. Someone called Terry just emailed me asking about coverage so I thought I’d include those links and some new-ish shots I haven’t posted from last Friday when Charlene and Prince Albert were at the Monaco Yacht Club.

Serenity’s expectant face is the same as her pre-pregnant face. That’s to say …

Resting Sad Face?

You’ve heard of Resting Bitch Face, right?

My ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, can't run fast enough from people with Resting Sad Face. It brings her down. She doesn’t want to look at it. She worries that the sadness is contagious.

Have we been reading Serenity wrong all along? Is she a really happy person inside who’s been born with Resting Sad Face?