The Hollywood premiere for Captain America: The Winter Soldier happened last night. It’s the first time Scarlett Johansson has appeared on a red carpet since news broke of her pregnancy. And even though I’m no expert at pregnancy, even I can tell she’s pregnant. Not by the bump, by further up. Whoa. That looks painful. Still, remember, she doesn’t want to be asked about it. As I mentioned the other day, at the junket for Cap 2, journalists were given strict instructions not to mention that she’s expecting, not even offer congratulations. So they asked Kevin Feige about it instead. And he confirmed it while discussing the next Avengers movie and how that would affect production. He says it won’t. He says we won’t notice that Black Widow’s having a baby.

She’s having a baby AND she’s getting married. As you can see, while Scarlett chose a dress that would downplay her baby area, the engagement ring was definitely in place and on display. On the other hand it was a gold one to go with her earrings. Mixing metals is one of the best things to happen in accessories over the last 15 years.