Doesn’t look like Sienna Miller is bringing her baby bump to the Met Gala tonight. I loved it so much two years ago when she was there, hand in hand, with Jude Law. Click here for a refresher.

Sienna and Tom Sturridge spent the weekend in Portofino, Italy. God they are cute together, aren’t they? As he’s looking adoringly at the mother of his child still styling in bright yellow oxfords. I don’t know what that kung fu bun on the top of his head is supposed to be about though.

Am finding it hard to believe that Sienna Miller, who can’t resist putting herself in the spotlight at every opportunity, is keep it so low during her pregnancy. She’s almost become the exception, especially in comparison to all the Jessica Simpsons and the Hilary Duffs who’ve had their full terms documented by the paparazzi.