As if threatened by the tragic fate that has befallen the Original Federline, Junior seems hellbent on reminding the world at every photo opportunity that his wife is indeed carrying his seed – more appropriately known as the ticket to his riches, though if her dress is any indication, it doesn’t look like she’s any closer to cashing in on the Spelling fortune… Cheap. Off the rack. Surely not worthy of the Dynasty/Angels/90210 and makes those rumours about them selling their labour footage very, very plausible. But this is about the Usurper and not about the Ugly. This is about KFed Jr who is continues his masterful domination of the Golddiggery landscape by keeping his own ego in check and keeping his objective on the greed, content to stay in the background when necessary, and happy to play doting husband when summoned. As Wentie would say: Brava Junior. Brava indeed. Source /