Because that’s totally something that Victoria Beckham needs to worry about.

Posh arrived in London today in all black. As you know, she’s pregnant, due supposedly in July. The challenge for her then is to make sure that throughout her pregnancy, she appears as UNpregnant as possible.

Apparently Eva Longoria is hosting the baby shower at Chateau Marmont. This originates from the UK so don’t go reserving a bungalow there just yet in the hopes of crashing it. Having said that…

Chateau Marmont? Is that really the most ideal location for baby related events? Like, other babies go to baby showers, right? Kids and babies? And they crawl around the floor and find sh-t and put it in their mouths? I mean, the Chateau is famous for a lot of things. And NONE of them involve children. Unless of course you count Lindsay Lohan who was technically, at 16, a child when she moved in there with the approval of her mother Dina. So there’s that.

Photos from INF