Posh does not like to be photographed when pregnant. It wasn’t always like this. She was much more visible when she was expecting Brooklyn, willingly. And not averse to it with Romeo either. Cruz’s bump however was much more guarded. Naturally, many gossips attribute it to not wanting you to see her as any more than a skinny ass bitch. While Victoria is certainly as vain as they come, I hear the no-photos-please attitude when she’s pregnant has more to do with keeping the baby safe. They’re extra cautious especially after the experience they’ve had with Romeo and epilepsy. And this baby is supposed to be a girl!


LaLa Beckham!

On her way out of Heathrow today on studded heels, tucked into regular size 2 jeans. Full on maternity for her will be a designer 4. Also, obviously, she doesn’t have a foot swelling problem either.

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com